Banking & Insurance

We offer customized SAP Business Intelligence solutions to the financial and insurance industries.

Meeting compliance requirements and providing key indicators for financial reporting on the one hand and ensuring in-depth analyses of customer relationships, incl. integration into the sales network, on the other, are the basis of a sustainable and successful partnership between you and your customers.

Thanks to focus on the banking and insurance industries, we can assist you to maintain and expand upon your market position in the long term. We obviously also offer flexible and goal-oriented business intelligence project implementation to our customers.

Our portfolio of services

Nothing beats experience. The insights gained thanks to numerous consultancy projects for renowned companies in the banking and insurance industry are regularly compiled and put to use for you, with due consideration for industry-specific particularities. Common points can thus be identified and successful practices put to use. Benefit not only from our expertise but also from our standardized best practices. For us, standards are synonymous with harmonized and optimized reporting and analysis processes.

Banking & Insurance Fields of action
Banking & Insurance Reporting
Banking & Insurance Customer relationship management

We offer:

  • Comprehensive consultancy mandates; analysis, design and implementation of solutions meeting your specific requirements in the following fields:
    - Financial reporting,
    - Regulatory reporting / fulfillment of compliance requirements,
    - Customer relationship management
  • Assistance identifying the key performance indicators (KPIs) and integration of these KPIs into your reporting concept
  • Design and implementation of the “best fit” business intelligence architecture
  • Revision of existing BI architectures
  • Setting up of an integrated reporting solution that takes into due consideration all legal requirements towards reporting
  • Deduction of further customer relationship management measures based on the reporting insights
  • Integration of the solutions worked out within the scope of the implementation project into application management, in order to ensure continuous operation and further development

Our offer

Our integrated reporting solutions combine the essential elements of two fields, i.e. regulatory and financial reporting.

Regulatory reporting

Regulatory reporting defines the laws, regulatory requirements, and standards. In addition to meeting legal requirements, it is primarily the goal of regulatory reporting to provide information for risk assessment and capital calculations and to benefit from these insights on the market.

Financial reporting

In addition to the legal requirements, a second pillar of information involves furnishing bank-specific key performance indicators (KPIs) based on your vision and corporate strategy. They allow for successful company management in the long term – area-specifically as well as strategically. This guarantees a company-wide homogeneous and tested information basis for all decision-making levels. Primarily, the following tasks are involved:

  • Identification and definition of successful key performance indicators (e.g. agreements, account balances, interest rates (customer vs. market), total liabilities, conditions, commissions)
  • Integration of key figures into financial standard reporting, addressing typical questions within the scope of financial controlling, e.g. the right to overdraft, break-even costs and income analyses.
  • Company-wide rollout, incl. consideration of the specific requirements of the different departments and special fields

We would take pleasure in identifying and defining, together with you, reporting requirements, to serve as a basis for an extensive implementation concept.

Customer management

The growing competitive pressure in the financial and insurance sector has made it necessary to ensure extensive analysis and special care of existing customers. The generating of subsequent and expansion business, based on existing customer relationships, is an important form of marketing. Our Business Warehouse supplies the necessary basic data and key figures to ensure successful customer and account loyalty. The corresponding customer analyses allows for the introduction of appropriate marketing measures and the subsequent evaluation of a closed customer retention life cycle.

Existing agreements and customers

A consolidated data basis and meaningful aggregated as well as detailed SAP BW reporting are the prerequisites for the identification of further business opportunities.

Potential analyses

The use of modern SAP BW analysis possibilities, in combination with the necessary knowledge of expert specifications, allows to make available methods and applications for the identification of profitable potential. This can serve as the basis for your target groups to implement marketing measures.

Campaign planning and implementation

The compilation of contact data in form of files and their transfer to CRM systems was already implemented successfully in BW. Moreover, our consultants have the necessary experience in the setting up of key figure systems to identify and run campaigns.

Measuring response

The evaluation of lead reactions and the identification of significant success key figures of campaigns in form of the profitability of individual measures and can be used for the planning of further campaigns. Based on your questions, we will determine the best possible customer retention strategy for you. Contact us and convene a date for an individual workshop.