SAP Dashboards

SAP Dashboards is a strategic SAP product for visualizations and dashboards. In comparison to the SAP Business Explorer Suite, this opens up an entire series of new interaction and design possibilities.

Thus, in combination with the Adobe Flash technology, SAP Dashboards expands upon interaction and animation possibilities not tapped into to date, offering users a completely new form of SAP friendliness.

SAP Dashboards is based on a great number of standard components that can be rapidly and simply combined with one another to ensure a fully-fledged application, i.e. menus, selection elements, tables, graphs, maps, and much more  for the implementation of visualizations.

In order to meet individual as well as customer-specific requirements,  SAP Dashboards offers an Add On Manager based on Adobe Flex and allowing for the use of customer-own visualization components, e.g. special non-standard graphic fonts with specific notations  (e.g. Hichert SUCCESS). In addition to individual visualizations, SAP Dashboards also makes it possible to integrate extended features.

Interactive visualizations and dashboards
Performance dashboards and complex solutions

Our approach

CubeServ has several years of project experience in the planning and implementation of visualization and dashboarding solutions. CubeServ attaches great importance to comprehensive consultancy with regard to layout, design, and usability of the applications. Our specially trained consultancy team will support our customers with regard to these central issues.

In addition to classic SAP web technology, CubeServ also has extensive expertise in implementing SAP Dashboards and all relevant complementary technologies. Additional features can be tailored to meet specific requirements in form of add-ons and thus enhance further ease of use and user acceptance. Benefit from CubeServ’s extensive know-how to increase the functionality and acceptance of your visualizations and dashboards.

Demanding visualizations (link re. below)
Great usability und ease of use

Our offer

The CubeServ team of consultants will support you with regard to the development of reports with SAP Dashboards – from design to productive implementation. Our consultants have in-depth special knowledge and can therefore offer solutions and share best practices based on several implementation projects:

  • Design and architecture: layout, ease of use and design
  • Configuration of the technical infrastructure
  • SAP Dashboards: consulting and implementation
  • Training and further vocational training (coaching)